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One of the most interesting parts of going freelance and going through the motions of setting up my own business is meeting other like minded individuals and small businesses en-route to setting up their own mini empires. I absolutely love it.

I’ve worked with quite a few now, mainly designing logos and mascots and wanted to share my latest one with you. Squirrels on the Hill is a local childcare business that’ll be taking on kids in the not to distant future and really wanted to get their identity locked and loaded.

I wanted to keep the vector feel and make the colours as solid as possible so it lends itself to home printing, keeps it’s impact on social media and can be dragged and dropped wherever the client wants.

I looked at reference photos but squirrels are one of those critters who just don’t photograph well. Trying to capture it then taking a walk and seeing the real ones darting across the path I soon realised I’d not really caught the spirit of them at all. Then, after two days of scribbling and editing and inking and finally getting the right silhouette, my mum pipes in and says, what’s it meant to be!!! She then proceeds to go and get a book that has a photograph of a squirrel in! #souldestroying

But it came good and I’m really proud of this one.

Check out the other pics for the text and full image (with hill, tail and house!)

Logos/Mascots starting from £80. Contact details in the bio…


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