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The stickers are available through the Etsy shop (follow the shop link) along with the cards. These are envelope stickers because, well, why lick it when you can stick it! There’s a second design, blue glasses and crown and “hello” rather than s.w.a.l.k which I know falls right into the gender trap but hey, I love a lot of boys who look amazing in pink crowns – so regardless of my nephew’s opinion on pink, I’m claiming these are not gender specific. For the record, he’s also wrong about mushrooms and if he’s take on pineapple on pizza is to be believed, well, we’d all be glued to roblox, eating cheesy pasta or throwing ourselves about on trampolines all afternoon like him – but I digress… stickers available now…


I bloody love October. I feel like I need to offer you all a precursor as we head on into what is, without doubt, my favourite month of the year. I’ve got a lot to flood my social media with this month so this is a sorry (not sorry) status update!

I’ll be taking the #inktober challenge so they’ll be 31 individual sketches/doodles as well as some more squeaky products based on the successful harvest mice greetings cards launched last month.

I’m also excited to be re-visiting some illustrations for an amazingly talented travel writer this week.  

October looks set to throw a lot my way which should keep me out of trouble. If you add my wedding anniversary, my husband’s birthday and some creative writing you’ll start to get an idea of why some forward planning is vital this month – for those of you who know me, you’ll know I like a good list! Haha.

Throw in a ghost tour of York, a trip to Whitby to chase the spirit of Dracula, some spooky downloads direct from my website, horror movies and creepy stories curtesy of a brand new book by a local author – oh, and some live music and drop of theatre/comedy, sea air and endless cups of tea and that’s a rather rich recipe for creativity. My poor crayons won’t know what’s hit them.

Always able to make time for a cuppa and a chat should you have any creatives adventures you’d like me to embark on with/for you, so feel free to give me a holla…

Just hashtags down here – nothing to see…