Welcome to the creative hub for Illustrator and Creative Adventurer Andy Medcraft



Welcome to my little slice of the internet – the place where I get to show you all the things I’ve ever doodled – well, maybe not all of them because that would take a lot of clicking and scrolling and nobody has time for that! Instead, I’ve collected together some of the best bits for you under the illustrations tab. You won’t find any selfies in there or pictures of my dog in there because I’m not too photogenic and I don’t own a dog – so, instead, here’s a little intro to help you get to know the keeper of the crayons (me) a little better…

I’m an Essex born arty-farty, big, bald, bearded bloke with a pencil case bursting at the seems with creative ideas. It’s a wonder I can still zip it up!

Having lived, worked, slept, eaten, and passed through some beautiful places in the UK I’ve grown roots just outside of the ancient city walls of Chester and I create stuff from the comfort of my kitchen table. 

I’ve gained a bit of commercial experience over the years with a CV that boasts a pretty well-known West London airport, a swanky head office building for a renowned computer gaming company, a hut that sells pizza, a high street bank and a posh hairdressers. Oh, and spent a bit of time teaching Art and Design and working for a giftware company in a shed out in the countryside too.

I’ve also sewn a few qualifications to my trunks over the years. Apart from the yellow ribbon I got for rescuing a rubber brick from the depths of my local pool while still wearing my pajamas, I’ve grabbed more than a handful of GCSEs and few A Levels, a diploma for colouring inside the lines and a BA (Hons) degree in promotion and illustration along the way. 

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