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As quickly as August rode in, it’s already heading off into the sunset! It’s been a weird month here at friedandy. I’m pretty sure it’s just the lockdown having it’s moment with me but it’s got me longing to get away from it all. And then this little tent, in all it’s cuteness, sealed the deal. This is a commission for a new local business here in Chester and I’ve loved creating it. I’m hoping to develop some stickers with this little guy on too…

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Can you believe it’s July already? The pandemic has really messed with our calendars hasn’t it!

So, where are you missing most of all right now?

If I could wave a magic wand and make this all go away, where would be the first place you would head to?

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Sometimes boats get stuck in trees, but only when it’s particularly cloudy…
I’m going to write a poem for my niece so when I get to meet her for the first time, I can read it to her. I’m going to illustrate it too and turn it into a little book for her so our first conversation will be captured forever.
This pic? Nah, this is from a completely different project but I loved the idea of the boat in the tree. I’m tempted to play around with that idea a bit more… 

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I just want to share this little guy with you. As you all know, I’m a hand drawn illustrator/cartoonist using pencils that smudge, pens that run and colours that bleed. It’s messy but I love it. And if I squeeze my eyes shut really tightly and wish really hard, I know that one day I can make this a full time, hugely successful career from the comfort of my kitchen table…

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It’s been a bumpy couple of months so please accept my apologies for lack of content. Unfortunately I contracted COVID19 and was hospitalised for a few weeks. Although I am home now, the recovery process is much longer and slower than I anticipated. I am not a very patient patient!

I have warmed up the crayons a couple of times and also managed to entertain the nurses on my ward with a few doodles but even drawing is tiring so the lack of content reflects my lack of creativity.

I sincerely hope you are all keeping well and safe and staying inside as much as possible. If you are being creative, I’d love to see your stuff. Send it over to me via the Facebook app so I can see what you’ve been up to.

In the meantime, here’s what I smuggled out of the hospital when I left…

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I’m keeping my Wednesday nights free to just completely emerse myself in all things creative. It’s my day to warm up the crayons.

Tonight I’m back to scribbling trees – my absolute favourite doodles. I can’t share this one until after its presented but I can sneak you a peek at the progress…

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If you have visited the friedandy Facebook page recently you may have read the first edit of ‘Raymond and the Christmas Something’ – if you didn’t, there still time. The plan for this year is to turn it into an ebook ready for Christmas 2020. This weekend I’ve been playing around with Eskimo, one of the three main characters, and realised I’d written his voice and character a lot like my own! Originally he was going to be the Santa figure but as the story evolves I can see a collaboration with THE Santa so I’ve combined the two. Yes, this could very well be the lovechild of Santa an I!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Eskimo…
*Well, his head anyway…