Welcome to the arty farty world of friedandy – illustrator, story teller, writer and photographer offering creative solutions from simple line drawings to full scale three-dimensional projects. I offer a service unrivalled in imagination so please click on the links and have a good nose around. If you've got an idea that needs a little creative attention then I will nurture it, draw it, sculpt it or even bake it into a cake!


What I love about the art of story telling is the way you can weave autobiographical stuff with big fat hairy lies!  I’ve written a fair few stories, some of which are available to download to your e-readers, one will soon be available as an audio short story and another is slowly gathering speed here on the friedandy website (see how I spoil you?).

My blog “Faggots For Tea” is where you’ll find my creative waffle, you can sneak a peek at it here and, every now and again, I’ll post snippets below to whet your appetites…

Currently available via Amazon
*search Andrew Medcraft*
Turquoise Rebellion (flash fiction/short story) [culture/identity/diversity] fiction.
They (short story) [romance/diversity] fiction.
Prologuefeaturing flash fiction Bedtime Story (short story) [horror] fiction.

Turquoise Rebellion (amazon cover) They (amazon cover) They (amazon cover) Kindle Edition


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