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Hello May!

Now I’m sat back on in my creative hub – which is actually a plank of wood and a laptop on the sofa but sounds way more like a spaceship when I call it a “creative hub” – I wanted to welcome in the month with a splash of colour. So, we’ve gone yellow! It’s my nephew’s favourite colour and for that reason alone it’s grown in my affections over the last five years. There’s a lot of theory behind yellow, but as an avid orange fan, I always skipped it – shame on me! So this month, I’m going to be embracing the yellow as much a possible and sharing the love with you.

What adventures have you got penciled in this month?

I’ll be sharing some fun stuff I’ve been working on plus a proper intro to me now that I am a month into the freelancing gig (and loving it).

I’ll be looking at the possibility of getting an agent too, which feels like a cake mixture of a million things right now but mainly doubling up on the excitement and nervousness!

What else can expect from me in May? Well, there’s some new cards hitting the Etsy shop, some A4 prints which I’m hoping to be able to personalise for you too, a new character to add to the friedandy family and even some mermaids!

I’ll also be updating my gallery on the website this month so you may see a few old favourites pop up on here alongside some of the top secret stuff I’ve been working on for a few charities and local businesses. It’s only day one (well four…) and the adventure is well underway.

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